What Is A Healthy Relationship And How To Develop One With Your Partner


In our culture and in our media, we are constantly bombarded with different kinds of clues on what it means to be in a relationship with someone.

These ideas are so deeply ingrained into our culture that if you look at the shows and movies of children, you’ll notice so many themes that revolve purely around finding love and being in a relationship.

Relationships and having your happily ever after are the main themes that commonly occur repeatedly even in a lot of fairytales.

So while on the one hand, the entire universe is giving you clues about finding your one true love and settling down with someone, hardly anyone knows how to have a healthy relationship.

Building healthy relationships is something that is rarely touched upon in popular media and no one really figures out how to form stable relationships with another person. This is an issue many people face today and especially a lot of young and inexperienced people are quite bothered with this problem.

Younger people now are much more direct than previous generations and their predecessors. There are far less formalities now when it comes to meeting people whom you might potentially start dating and get serious with.

People hardly hesitate now and access to sexual and romantic partners is much easier than it used to be. This opens up avenues for the younger people to easily get into a relationship rather fast. Gone are the days when you had to wait a long time after a break up to get back into a serious relationship with someone else.

However, there is a downside to this apparent advantage of this newer generation. As easy as it is to get into a relationship with another person, there is still an immense lack of knowledge about how to maintain a healthy relationship.

A lot of young people have such a hard time recognizing and adapting signs of a healthy relationship into their relationship. This leads to constant dissatisfaction of both partners with each other and an eventual, and quite possibly a hurtful, break up.

This often turns into an unhealthy cycle that keeps on repeating itself with subsequent partners. So no matter how many times you get into a relationship with someone new, there is always that looming fear of how long it is going to last and you find yourself asking questions like “am I in a healthy relationship?”.

New and fresh relationships seem to all go great until the spark of novelty wears off and once the routine of daily life kicks in.


What is a healthy relationship?

So after reading about all the signs and symptoms of a bad relationship, you are probably left wondering ‘what does a healthy relationship look like? ‘Is my relationship healthy?’

Well, there are certain characteristics of a healthy relationship that you will clearly see as being set apart from what unhealthy relationships are like as described above.

There are some very distinct qualities of a healthy relationship that make them stand out and make them much more likely to survive all sorts of ups and downs in life.

One of the healthy relationships characteristics is the presence of trust. Without trust there is no survival of any relationship.

So what does it mean to have trust in a relationship? The answer is pretty simple, it means to have faith in the character and intentions of your partner.

So when you have full faith in your partner, it means that you are sure of their behavior whenever they are away from you.

You don’t doubt them or have negative thoughts regarding them in any matter without any solid foundations for that doubt. This is one of the biggest differentiating factors between healthy vs unhealthy relationships.

The second factor that is different between healthy and unhealthy relationships is compromise. A lot of the times compromise is the most over used and most misunderstood word.

Many people believe that compromising blindly is the only way to learn how to have a healthy relationship, this is not correct. However sometimes you have to learn to find a middle ground when both of you are fighting and can’t seem to agree on one thing.

This doesn’t mean you will lose, but rather that both of you can positively find some way to move forward together.

The third most important factor in a healthy relationship is healthy expression of feelings and communication. This point cannot be stressed enough and surely you must have heard it many times by now from different sources.

This is because a relationship between two people is nothing but one long conversation. The way both partners live, their physical movements, their habits, and of course their words, are all part of two distinct personalities learning to communicate and connect with each other.

If this communication is flawed, they will never be on the same page and the relationship will soon turn very toxic and unbearable.


Healthy Relationship Tips

As we’ve discussed, there are some very clear differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, which can make or break a relationship.

Other than incorporating the three factors of a healthy relationship discussed above, there are some short and comprehensive tips that you can follow to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.


  • Do not make a big deal out of misunderstandings. Sometimes a person says one things but means the other, so take time to understand what your partner means and forgive them
  • Keep a healthy amount of distance between each other. If you are both together all the time you will not have time and space to grow and learn as distinct individuals, so take some healthy time apart.
  • Adapt and learn from each other. When your partner exhibits different tastes from you, embrace, encourage and adapt them while also showing them yours. This builds healthy connection.
  • Be open about your feelings and your desires with your partner to minimize misunderstandings.
  • Give each other support whenever it’s needed and be each other’s guides through life.


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