The Art of Finding The Love of Your Life


Out of all the major goals in every person’s life, finding a true love is one of the biggest and main goals most of the time. No one likes being lonely, and every persons has a desire to be loved and cherished by someone else.

“How do I find love” is a question a lot of people find themselves asking once they’ve reached a certain point in their life. For women, the experience is especially more frightening because of society’s expectations for them to settle down fast.

As soon as a woman reaches a certain age everyone starts giving her all kinds of unsolicited advice on “how to find husband”.

The actual thing that both men and women should be focused on is having a healthy and loving relationship with someone who understands and nurtures them.

Finding a true love for yourself can at times feel like an impossible task, but it isn’t- not at all. You can find someone to love if you follow a few simple tips.

Tips on How to Find the Love of Your Life

Read these tips and get started on learning how to find love in your life that lasts forever.


1. Embrace Authenticity

A lot of self-help books and books that claim to tell you how to find true love have some really awful advice about pretending to be someone you’re not.

This is a common mistake and people really need to learn that faking your personality is never the answer and it can only lead to bad experiences.

Try to be real. Embrace your authenticity in who you are. Recognize your good traits and your merits and make them shine by wearing them loud and proud.

Understand that you are lovable along with all your quirks and unique traits and you don’t need to cover them up and pretend to be something which you are not.

Consider the fact that when you are looking to find someone permanent in terms of a relationship, you will eventually end up revealing your true personality to them.

If you faked your persona a lot while looking for the ideal partner, you will find yourself out of harmony with your partner as your relationship progresses beyond the common tribulations.

Make life easy for both yourself and your partner by being your true self from the start. This way you’ll not only attract a better partner that matches up with your personality, but you will also increase the chances of success for your relationship with them.


2. Let Go of Fear

We often put too much pressure on ourselves when we go on a quest to finding true love. We put to many limitations and expectations on our head and start searching for long term goals like how to find good husband.

The weight of all these expectations and limitations often alleviates our fear and brings out the worst in us.

This fear is a contagious negative energy that holds us back at all times from being able to love and be loved. Don’t be too afraid of not being able to meet expectations that either you or society has set up for you.

When you lose yourself into the ocean of fear, you’ll end up drowning and failing miserably without finding the love of your life.


3. Try to Have Fun


No search to find love is complete without some good hearted fun thrown into the mix. Learn to let loose every once in a while and relax while you’re out hunting for that special someone.

Your search for true love can even become more fruitful and rewarding if you add fun into it and let go of all your rigidity and stiffness.

Try to join up all the fun activities you can, like dancing, clubbing, painting, hiking etc. There are so many creative and recreational activities you can choose from and engage into them.

When you involve yourself in activities that broaden your skill set, you will not only enjoy and have a lot of fun but you might also meet your special true love.

It is an important thing to remember even after you’ve found the person whom you love. The key is to never let the fun die.

Doing fun activities together keeps the love alive and keeps you both happy and content with each other for longer periods of time. Always keep it in mind to engage in fun activities together.


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