Perfectionism Anxiety: How To Overcome It


Being a perfectionist definitely has its rewards and benefits. You always go for the best opportunities, you always take up challenging tasks, and the work that you do is always of a superior quality and that makes you proud.

These rewards can keep a perfectionist going for ages. If they receive praise and external validation from others, the perfectionists continue this cycle of behavior.

However, perfectionism isn’t as good as it seems to be from the outside. For a perfectionist, doing simple things comes with immense levels of performance anxiety because they want to deliver their best possible efforts and not be seen as less able.

This can create a lot of road blocks for the person and life can quite frankly, become very difficult. Those who know how to overcome perfectionism anxiety can get the fruits of their perfectionism without getting too anxious over it. This is why it is important to know how to manage perfectionism.

Does Perfectionism Cause Procrastination?

The answer to this question is quite simple and straight forward. Those who have a tendency to be perfectionists know very well that it is very often the biggest cause of their continual procrastination.

When a person is too concerned about the quality of the work they will be doing, they often set themselves back by creating really high standards of quality for themselves.

Most of the time these standards are very unrealistic and can be very hard to achieve. When the perfectionists can’t achieve these standards, they just give up on the whole task altogether instead of finish it with an average quality. Repeatedly doing this can cause a lot of work to go into pending and never see completion.

This is big problem with those who suffer from the bug of perfectionism and it is a very big barrier holding them back from achieving their goals in life.

If after reading this you realize that you also suffer from this problem and find yourself asking “how to get rid of my perfectionism”? Then take a look below for some overcoming perfectionism tips.


Tips for Dealing with Perfectionism

If you find yourself asking the question “how to deal with my perfectionism?”, then all you have to do is follow some practical tips outlined below and implement them in your daily life to become more productive.

Learn to Accept Average Work

Not everything you do will end up being a prize winning masterpiece. Most people in the world, including geniuses, often have a resume full of mediocre work with one or two big achievements. The sooner you accept and realize this fact, the better it will be for you to actually finish your tasks and projects.

This is a very important tip you need to know and acknowledge and it will also greatly help you with overcoming perfectionism at work.

Set Realistic Standards for Yourself

If you want to know how to reduce perfectionism in your life, then you have to first and foremost learn to reduce your perfectionistic standards. You have to accept that you are a normal human being and you cannot carry the weight of the entire world on your shoulders at all times.

Sometimes you will end up producing mediocre quality work, and that is absolutely fine. Learn to be kinder and gentler with yourself and cut yourself some slack. By doing this you will also be greatly reducing the amount of anxiety you experience and in this way you will be doing your work faster and better.

Use Your Own Yardstick For Comparison

One of the biggest mistakes people, and especially perfectionists, tend to make is that they always look to someone else, usually above them, as a comparison. They compare their work constantly against the standards of other people’s work and their quality.

Doing this can greatly hurt your own work and your chances at improvement. You have to understand that each person has their own threshold and you have to compare yourself with your own past standards instead of with other people.

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Usually people get highly influence by seeing perfectionistic quoted, movies and songs all around them. This becomes even worse when you are also surrounded by other perfectionists who constantly reinforce your perfectionism and make it worse.

Try to limit your exposure to these anxiety provoking situations and people and reduce them from your life and surroundings. Instead, try to surround yourself with more inspiring people.


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