My Story

My name is David Lewis, I’m 36 years old. 

Everything had started 2 years ago, when I damn near lost the hope to have at least normal sexual life (not talking about fulfilled) and any sexual satisfaction.

I’ve been suffering from weak, short-lasting erection, and even that could be lost so easily during sexual intercourse.

Sometimes I couldn’t get hard at all, and real talk, it’s the worst feeling that any man could ever have.

Even though my wife been telling me all that support words and one day everything is gonna be great, I never felt like it.

And honestly speaking, I couldn’t get rid of the bad thoughts that been coming to my head.

I’ve read lots of forums where people with the same problem been talking about how their wives were cheating on them, or relationships just weren’t the same after that, even though everybody been saying exact the same words of support.

Mysery loves company huh…

Story of began as I’ve been looking for the solution to my erection problems, hoping for fast results I bought online course.

I was promised to get full solution and cure my erection once and for all, but it turned out to be fraud and scam so I just wasted my money on nothing.

I was stressed heavy after that, not only I didn’t solve my issues, but I also spent my money on that so called ‘treatment’ (Later this online cource has been deleted though).

This situation basically pushed me to create this blog, where I only share things that gave me positive results and really improved the state of my erection.

Later my free book ‘7 Steps To Get Your Strong Erection Back’ appeared from all my experience and a lot of articles about getting rid of your problems with erection, which can be found in ‘Erection Problems’ section.

Around 3 months after I’ve created my blog I’ve started receiving Thank You emails, a lot of them, from the people who found the website extremely useful and appreciated my honest reviews and information I’ve provided which helped them to go back to normal sexual life.

I’m very happy and proud that my blog pushed somebody to make the right decision and change their sexual life in the positive way. It motivates me and gives me the boost of energy to keep working towards make more and more useful content.

After I decided to flip my life over and got rid of the bad habits (which I listed here) and found great solution to my erection problem, which really gave me the best results out of anything I ever tried (talk about it here), I finally can say – I have great sexual life again, and keeping rock hard erection during sexual act it’s not a big deal for me anymore.

Even though I solved my problems with erection, I’m still working on my blog, because while I’ve been looking for solution, I really got into that topic of Men’s Sexual Health and now my ultimate goal is not only have sex, but increase my sexual performance to the whole another level.

At the moment, I’m learning about methods to get multiorgasms, which are allowing men feel 10x great orgasms and most importantly, not feeling tired or exhausted after ejaculation. Soon, I’m planning to share my experience with my subscribers concerning this topic.

Also, if you have any wishes or/and ideas about articles, I always happy to receive a feedback from you!

I’m available 24/7 – or via contact form on this page.

I hope that the information you can find on my blog will give you great results in increasing your potency and will give you opportunity to get your sexual life back as soon as possible!

Best regards,

David Lewis