Jealousy In Relationships: How to Get Rid of It & Be Happy Together


There is a very commonly held misconception among most people that being jealous is sometimes a healthy and normal thing in a relationship. This could not be further from the truth.

Jealousy is a very negative and unhealthy emotion for anyone to experience, and it is not normal at all.

Jealousy is the silent killer of most relationships. It is like a parasite that eats a healthy relationship from the inside until it is left completely hollow and it collapses in on itself.

If you find yourself getting too jealous in your relationship, then it is time to stop and reflect on the situation and try to figure out how to stop being jealous.

If you can learn how to get over your jealousies and eventually eliminate jealousy from your relationship, you will find it enriching for your own self.

Tips on How to Stop Being Jealous


1. Reflect Inwards First

If you find yourself being too jealous in a relationship, try to reflect and ask yourself what is making you feel like this. Often we feel jealousy towards other people and our partner when we have a poor sense of self-esteem and self-worth within ourselves.

When our inner insecurities blow up to large proportions, they start spilling into and affecting our relationships. Our own short comings can manifest themselves in very ugly ways and one of those ugly fronts is the feeling of jealousy.

This is very common and you will find that most jealous people tend to have problems with their own self and personal life.

Sometimes we feel like we are not good enough or smart enough or attractive enough and these thoughts can become very invasive.

When a person starts having low self-esteem and thinking less of himself, they start perceiving every little thing their partner does as a betrayal. You have to look your own insecurities and try not to project them onto your partner or relationship.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

In a relationship a jealous girlfriend and a jealous boyfriend tend to start comparing themselves with other men and women that their partner interacts with.

Oftentimes you will see your partner talking to another person and then you start drawing up a mental comparison column and start thinking of all your own shortcomings. This is a big mistake and it is a very counterproductive move to make in a relationship.

You are a unique individual with your own strengths and qualities and there is no point in comparing that with the qualities of another person. Try to think of how your partner still chooses you over all the other possibilities of people existing out there.

Be comfortable in your own skin and be confident in your partner’s choice for you. Know that your partner is loyal to you and that they love you for who you are. This is why they are with you in the first place. Eliminate any and all kinds of comparisons from your relationship.

3. Don’t Play Games

One of the worst mistakes jealous people tend to do in relationships is get so insecure that they resort to using manipulation tactics and mind games against each other.

In such cases, a jealous girlfriend might start planning tricks on how to make a guy jealous, and a jealous man might start thinking about how to make your ex jealous. This is very unhealthy in a relationship. It is basically a tactic to tranquillize one’s own feeling of insecurity.

If you have an issue or a jealous thought regarding your partner then the best thing to do is to not hold it in and confront them directly. Go up to your partner and be absolutely straightforward with them and tell them how you feel. If you hold it all in within yourself you will only end up making the situation worse.

Communication is the key in learning how to not be jealous in your relationships. You have to make sure that you take care of each other and that you tackle everything head on instead of using roundabout approaches that cause more harm than good.

As tempting as it may be to use mind games to get your partner to notice you and to have them worry about you, it is never the right answer. Using manipulations and minds games causes more distrust in the long run and can eventually end up being the cause of the relationship ending.


Best Wishes, HapTips Team!

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