How To Make People Happy & Become A Source of Positivity for Them


A lot of people spend their entire lives just searching for happiness but never finding it. Although there are some external things that can have an effect on your quality of life and happiness, happiness tends to be mostly internal.

A lot of people think that the secret to happiness is to be rich or famous or some other external factor. But usually the things that make people happy are abstract and cannot be bought with money or popularity.

Because happiness is largely internal and can come from within, you can easily learn to make people happy by using a few tips. Bringing a smile to someone else is one of the most fulfilling tasks you can do. If you make someone happy, it will end up adding to your own happiness as well.

Look at some of the tips listed below to learn how to make someone happy and add brightness to their day.


Tips on How to Make People Happy

It may seem like a very difficult task, to bring a smile to someone’s face, but it is actually not too hard. Making people happy can be an art that you can integrate into your daily life and become a nurturing source of positivity for everyone around you. Here are some ways in which you can make others happy:


Compliment Them


If you want to know what makes people happy, giving out compliments has to be on the top of your list of things to do because of its effectiveness.

A lot of people go about their daily lives with countless struggles which they try to hide and cloak from the world. They try to be strong and keep up a façade of happiness which is not true.

Most of the time these efforts by many people go unappreciated and no one notices them. This is why giving an honest compliment to someone can really go a long way because you are validating their struggles and experiences.

The compliment might really brighten their day if it is about something they put a lot of heart and soul into and they will greatly appreciate it.


Open the Door for Someone


A lot of us these days are caught up in the rat race of a busy life and we don’t have any time to give to each other. If you see a sad person and think “what can I do to make you happy?” try and look for a small gesture to show you have noticed them and you feel for them. Maybe hold the door open for them and smile, or offer to help them with the bags/ files/ heavy things they are carrying.


Say Thanks


Be it a stranger or someone you know. Show your appreciation. You will definitely feel that it would make you happy, too. A lot of people these days don’t really say thanks for the little things and we all take each other for granted. Simply saying thanks can make someone happy with you and will also feel good to you.


 Give Them Advice


If you introspect and look back at the things  what make you happy, you will find that most of those times it was a sincere and helpful advice. Let’s face it, life is hard. A lot of us are fighting battles all on our own without any help from others and sometimes we can feel extremely hurt and lost.

In times of struggle, something small like a sincere advice from a friend can really bring a smile to someone’s face. It can solve their problem, give them a new perspective and even calm them down. So offer your advice to someone, next time you see them looking gloomy or blue.


 Encourage Them


Humans need each other. And what better proof of your affection than to encourage someone to follow their hearts desire.

Help others to focus and work towards their life goals. It would help to construct a bucket list, a to-do list in which you both can answer the question: what are the things to do to make you happy, what places to visit and so on.

Many people know exactly what they want to achieve in life and they have the tools for achieving it as well. They know how to make plans and get work done, but what they don’t have is someone’s support. Just having your encouragement to guide them through will make them happy to have you.

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