How to Avoid Procrastination – Best Pragmatic Approaches to Overcoming Procrastination


If you are thumbing through the web, explore the answer behind how to stop procrastinating? Then, you are not the only one. We know it that all of us do procrastinate and love to do it and are calm. But wait, this is only until the date is far.

What happens when the deadline is near and we need to do the task by hook or by crook? There we go all crazy and overwhelmed. Actually we all procrastinate on purpose.

But, somewhere inside we also want to know how to overcome procrastination. Let’s explore some good and easy ways so you stop procrastinating in future.

How to Not Procrastinate: Stop Catastrophizing, Break Down Tasks


Yeah, this is one of the core reasons people delay and put off their tasks. When we catastrophize or exaggerate tasks, we find them difficult. Also, it can make us feel boring, tougher and really daunting to do in the first place.

Hence, we end up on delaying it and making things worse by leaving it for last moment. In all honesty, if you read the task properly and focus, you won’t find it difficult.

Better stop exaggerating and try to break down task instead. Give it some time, focus, cut it down into smaller tasks and there you go, you are motivated to finish it!


How to Stop Procrastinating: Grasp the Reason and Consequences


As a procrastinator, we all focus on the short-term goals avoiding the core reason behind doing the task.

This is why we need to realize, focus and grasp the reason and understand its consequences behind why you are doing that task in the first place? For instance, if you are putting off an important assignment at work?

Imagine why you were chosen for it? Perhaps, your boss finds you compatible for it and consider how your boss would feel when they receive it promptly? You may get a reward too.

Then, imagine the consequences of doing it right at the end moment, giving some dreadful quality and doing it all stressed up? Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the reward of giving the task timely and also avoid the chances of useless strain?

Consequently, always look over these two aspects, ultimately they will motivate you and you will stop procrastinating further.


How to Beat Procrastination: Optimize Your Setting

Your setting and environment can really hinder your work efficiency and productivity.

Let’s be honest, we all ensure to keep a check over our social media platform to know if someone has tagged us in a meme, or emailed us, or we’ve been called or texted by someone, we all do that and we know it!

The social media and web can lead you far off track, ending up in procrastination.

So, you need to ensure that you keep all your unnecessary things logged out and your cell phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode, so you do not get bothered while you are working.

Imagine the sense of relief; being done with all your tasks, you can peacefully enjoy using your gadgets.

Now you know how to stop procrastinating, we are sure that these pragmatic approaches are surely going to help you out in life.

Best Wishes, HapTips Team!

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