Healthy Relationships for Teens

Teen relationships can be very dynamic and full of energy since teenagers are very charismatic at that age and get easily dedicated to whatever they put their mind to.

However, just like any adult relationship, teen relationships can also quickly take a turn for the worse if they are not pursued in a balanced and healthy manner.

Things like teen dating abuse and teen dating violence are unfortunately very common and very pressing matters that grip our society today.

This is why is it is important for there to be specific relationship advice for teens that teaches them how to manage and maintain a healthy and loving relationship at such a delicate age.


Relationship tips for teens


There are many simple ways in which teenaged individuals can have a healthy and properly functioning relationship. Here are some of the 4 main tips that can help foster a healthy relationship for teens.


1.      Respect for each other’s personal space


Sometimes it is very easy for teens to get too involved in their relationship and forget all other activities in their life.

This is why it is important for teens to remember to take equal part in their academic and extra-curricular activities.

When both partners in a teen relationship give each other their necessary space, they can grow and develop as healthy individuals and not become overly dependent or reliant on each other.


2.      Knowing and respecting consent


Consent is a difficult concept for even adults to grasp sometimes so it is important for you to teach you teenage children to understand the concept of asking for each other’s consent when it comes to physicality.

It is especially important for teens to respect each other’s boundaries in order to have a healthy relationship.


3.      Focus on individuality and independence


When we are teens, everything feels so much more intense than normal and everything becomes a do or die situation.

Many teens start depending on their partner for direction in life, and although it is okay to ask for emotional support once in a while, dependence is to be avoided and discouraged.

This is the time when both partners should be trying to be as independent as possible and learn how to navigate through their hurdles on their own.


4.      Keeping good texting ethics


Texting is a huge part of any teen relationship, but it can be taken in either a good and bad way depending on how good or bad a teen couple’s texting ethics are.

Texting is a good and healthy activity until it starts interfering with the routine tasks of a person’s life and start hindering their individual learning and responsibilities. Texting ethics are very important.

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