How To Get Rid Of Your Boyfriend

In every relationship there is inevitably one partner that is more involved than the other. Sometimes this translates into a break up as well and one of the partners just has a very hard time getting past the relationship and moving on.

There are many such instances where one partner constantly wants to get back together and keeps pestering the other person with unwanted advances.

If this persists, it can get on your nerve and make you feel cornered and very bothered, which is not right.

If you’re facing all of these behaviors and constantly thinking “my ex won’t stop texting me”, then you know things have gone too far.

Leaving unnecessary advances and harassing behaviors unchecked can very quickly escalate into abuse and it should be stopped immediately.

You have to first ask yourself whether a clear cut refusal has been sent out to your ex by you. If he has been clearly told and yet he still continues to violate the boundaries that you have set for him then you will need to take some extra measures to ensures he steps back.

Sometimes it may not be your ex but rather the ex of your current partner that is the cause of constant unwanted advancements.

If you are left wondering “my boyfriend’s ex won’t leave him alone” then you can also make use of these tips.


How to get rid of your boyfriend


Of course, the very first and most preferable step to getting rid of your ex-boyfriend would be to openly communicate with him and let him know how much his constant pestering is bothering you.

The idea here is that if your ex is even a little bit understanding of you then he will stop once he learns how much his behavior is causing you distress.

This is an ideal case scenario and if it plays out exactly as anticipated it will save you a lot of trouble.

However, many times the ex-doesn’t understand the reality of their pestering behavior and keeps pestering you nevertheless.

In such a case you might have to consider blocking them on your phone and other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Once your ex realizes that he’s been blocked from all platforms, he may see the error of his ways and leave you alone for good.

Sometimes the situation isn’t limited to simply online communication but extends into offline communication as well. You may be understandably concerned that your ex will follow you into your social gatherings or your work place and create a scene.

In such situations it is best to have someone go with you to watch your back. You may also want to consider contacting the police to help you protect yourself by a potentially violent ex.


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