Signs Your Husband is Cheating with Your Friend

Marriage is meant to be a harmonious, sanctified bond between 2 souls who love each other exclusively, at a level that is supposed to last a lifetime.

Despite marriage’s roots being political, when you see it from its inception as a formality with thought behind it, it has developed into one that is on the basis of respect , trust, and love. It may be between members of the opposite sex or not, or even if it is an arranged marriage.

Unfortunately, the promise of marriage is sometimes easier uttered than followed. Many marriages fall into turmoil due to a multitude of factors. Often times it is a conflict of personalities and distinct differences that make it hard to co-exist long term in such capacities.

But rarely, there are more sinister behaviors that are in direct contradiction to the foundation of what makes marriage, from the exclusivity to the trust.

Indeed, that sinister behavior is cheating on one’s spouse; whether a wife cheats with the husband’s friend or the husband cheating with a friend.

This is unfortunately much more a common occurrence than it used to be. Adultery is, by no means, a recent phenomenon though.

In fact, it used to be such a large problem that some religions and older cultures had to deal with it by legislating those who cheated on their spouses to be subjected to capital punishments.

And although the severity of the punishment is questionable, the sentiment towards cheating on one’s significant other is scoffed at and looked down upon as intensely to this day, and without good merit.


How to tell your spouse is cheating on you


With the rising rates of cheating, it is not improbable to be suspicious of your spouse and who they are around. Be careful of those who you otherwise trust, who spend too much time with your spouse.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with a divorce lawyer having to state, “My husband cheated on me with my best friend.” Or if you are the cheater who got caught, you will be saying, “I cheated on my husband with his friend.”

This article aims to teach you the signs to tell that your spouse is cheating on you. The advice here comes from a personal place because my husband cheated with my best friend and looking back, I saw all the signs but chose to ignore them.

So first things first. If you are suspicious about your spouse having an extramarital affair, you must not trust anyone until and unless they have gained your trust back. I trusted both my husband and best friend, even though they gave all the signs to not trust them.

I could not believe such a thing could happen until I saw that my husband cheated on me with my best friend with my own eye (I am half-blind).

And sure, I may have gained a significant amount of weight after marriage, and my husband could no longer stand the sight of me (pun not intended), but I really thought the glass eye would work.

Regardless, despite having your suspicions about everyone, you should not make the skepticism obvious. Do take an interest in your spouse’s every day task, but do not make it sound like you are interrogating them. You can even hire a private investigator to follow your spouse for a while.

This not only covers every aspect of their day, which may even clear their name, but if something does go awry, you will also have the resources and evidence to divorce them and be able to take more away from it than them. The cause of divorce being them will clearly give you the bargaining power.

Even without a private investigator, there are other ways to track your cheating spouse’s movements. Recently, Snapchat released a feature that allowed users to see whether other friends are using their built in GPS and map features.

It is best to add all the prime candidates of your partner’s extramarital affairs onto Snapchat, so if you see them together at a certain location it will add to your case of suspicion.

If you are lacking in those departments, being able to track your significant other on the Snapchat map should be enough. You will be able to tell whenever they go someplace they go somewhere they didn’t say they were going to, or some place they should not be going to.

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