7 Steps To Be & Think Positive – Busting the Myths to Lead a Fulfilling Life


In the fast paced, merciless and challenging world of today, it is easy to lose the will to keep you going and strive for success.

With each passing day, the burden of the world may seem to bring you down with more force and energy than before and in the midst of uncertainty which plagues most of us today, finding the will or the motivation to keep going is hard to find.

Economic pressures, social conditions, an unstable job, a one sided relationship – isn’t the list of problems that today’s average individual faces just endless?

Gone are the days when life was simpler or when putting food on the table was perhaps the only concern.

The escalating influence of media symbols and the display of lavish lifestyles by strangers on Instagram has made the yearning for more reach to its burning point.

A person who starts out making a few thousand dollars looks to secure a salary with six figures, a Toyota is no longer the ‘it’ car to drive but an Audi is what becomes the next target, a holiday trip to the beach is no longer enough, but a trip to the Bahamas is what everyone seeks.

Desires are endless, never ending and with each passing day the feeling of restlessness and negativity is what continues to grow.

We want things big and we want them fast – but what if failure is the destination of each venture that is undertaken? How can a person overcome countless defeats only to come out stronger and better prepared to meet the hurdles of the present? The answer is to think positive.

Every day, we are bombarded with words that relay the message of positive thoughts and positive thinking. It has reached a point where positivity has become a word that sells.

Countless books with titles such as How to Change Your Life in 100 Days, How to Reach Your Goals in 1 Month and Realise Your Dreams swarm the shelves of our local bookstores today.

These books cash on the plight of a misguided generation which has been spoon fed some misleading notions of happiness and success.

What is happiness? Money, success, contentment or fame? Who defines the notion of happiness for individuals? The sad part is that most of us seem to be chasing the wrong notion of happiness which might not even fit us at all.

This implies that failure is only a natural consequence of chasing the wrong dreams and it is this failure which leads to the emergence of negativity.

However, once the true definition of happiness becomes clear it is only the rope of positivity that guide an individual towards success, prosperity and satisfaction.
But what is positive thinking….?

1. Think Positive, Be Positive – Busting the Myths to Lead a Fulfilling Life (Positive Thinking Tips)


Positive thinking in its truest form refers to the ability of a person to combat hardships, adversities and failures with positive thoughts and a positive outlook.

Imagine having a goal in life that you have wanted to achieve as long as you can remember – it can be a short term goal such as buying the latest piece of technology or a long term goal such as the desire to enter an Ivy League school to pursue a degree in your desired field.

The possibilities of dreaming are endless aren’t they? Every day it is possible to live a new dream, envision a future that you have always hoped for or have something that you have always desired. (Check)

However, in life, what you seek the most does not always come in easy. Financial, emotional or physical limitations towards attaining your goal may hinder or challenge your ability to move closer to what you seek.

Once you counter those demons, success is still not guaranteed and if you fail, it is possible to feel discouraged and no longer want to move forward.

But in the midst of these negative thoughts, a true soldier is someone who moves on, falls and stands up again. A true soldier is someone who never gives up.

Think positive – it is easier said than done, right? How many times have you been told by a family member or friend to be positive and how many times have you sincerely taken that advice?

Are words of encouragement and positivity enough to drag you out of your dark times? How to think positive? How to be positive in life?

These are just some of the phrases that one has Googled countless times to arrive at a sensible conclusion, the question arises, is positive thinking merely a myth or a concept which has been endlessly repeated and reused in motivational speeches and self-help books?

Definitely not – positive thinking has been the key to success for many legends that the world has known. It is the influence of positive thinking which has driven people out of the depths of their despair and truly taken them towards the path of success.

Think about Nelson Mandela, during the decades that he spent locked up in a dark jail cell where his life’s mission was kept secluded, how could he have the will and power to not only survive but have the ability to make sure that his vision came out stronger than ever before?

Indeed there must have been something which kept him going – call it passion, desire or a dream, the fact that he believed that he would achieve what he wanted was enough to drive him towards his vision, he had positive thoughts about that.

The many greats of this world have had to face the atrocities that were hurled at them yet they had the power to stand back up and come out even stronger, how was that even made possible?

The self-belief and ability to realise that you can indeed achieve what you seek is a consequence of positive thinking and a positive mindset.

So how exactly can we apply this concept to become more positive in our daily lives? Here are some tested positive thinking tips to improve the outlook of your life and walk on the path of positivity to attain what you have always sought.


2. Stop Believing in the Myths


Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding positive thinking is the belief that it does not exist in the first place, that positive thoughts is merely a notion created by inspirational writers or motivational speakers. The answer to this belief is a resounding no.

While some theories and sayings are repeated to the point of becoming clichéd, positive thinking is deeply linked with psychology and relates to how a person approaches their life.

For example, let’s say you want to ace a job interview for your dream firm, your resume is good enough and so are your credentials however, the competition is tough and the chances of getting the job are fifty/fifty. (Check)

A person who adheres to not exactly positive mindset will over-think and ponder upon the last part, that the tough competition won’t let him or her ace the interview.

However, someone with a clear positive mindset will believe in their expertise and realise that they are the best fit for the job. This cycle of constantly reminding yourself how you have the ability to achieve what you seek actually helps calm down nerves and remove the traces of stress when the big day comes.

It is easy to assume that words are just words and positive thoughts and positive thinking is one of the many myths that you have been fed since your childhood.

But the fact remains that ‘it is all in your head’ – which implies that only you control how you would like to manage things, no one can do it for you, so it is best to start believing and accepting that positive thinking is not a myth but something that can help you in the long run.


3. Reassure, Repeat and Relax

In this challenging world, where the competition to get to the top is too stiff, losing your way and getting distracted is too easy. In order to ensure that success chases you wherever you go, you need to have the self-belief and a can do attitude.

Over analysing situations, picking the nitty-gritty’s of each and every scenario can actually slow down your mind and hold you back.

The most repeated mistakes by those who have a negative outlook towards life is that they think too much about what could go wrong. Driving a car? Maybe the tire will burst. Taking a test? Maybe the examiner will be too strict.

It is very easy to develop preconceived notions about the results of different actions in your head and usually have the wrong about anything and everything.

Repeat that you are the pilot of your own life and only you can control what happens to you. Believe in it and stand by this declaration even when times get tough or gloomy.

Therefore, it is imperative to take a deep breath before anything big in your life comes and relax and this how to be positive in life. Reassure yourself that you are good enough, give yourself a pep talk. Only you are your biggest cheerleader.


4. Hope for the Best

Rather than witnessing failure have you ever thought what it would be like to see yourself standing on the big podium, holding the winner’s trophy with the crowd cheering for you?

For some this is a long shot, not many believe that these dreams are achievable but it is the inner belief which drives passion and the will to move on.

Before facing a new challenge in your life, think about the best case scenario pertaining to that challenge and believe that by the end of it that is where you are going to stand.

In the midst of uncertainty and chaos it is easy to forget your purpose and what drove you to try something out. It is imperative to have a clear vision and defined path because it is so easy to get lost. (Check)


5. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Positive thinking is associated with the mind and a healthy mind can only belong to a healthy body. Most of us are negligent when it comes to taking care of our mental health, we may try to exercise once in a while, cut down on the carbohydrates and take the stairs instead of the elevator once in a while, but none of these efforts are usually persistent.

A healthy body is active and more prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life. A positive outlook towards your daily activities cannot be achieved when your physical capacity is at its lowest or when you’re feeling low.

A healthy individual is more likely to have the ability to focus and maintain composure in the face of challenges, while someone whose physical condition is questionable may crumble. The definition of health extends to your mental wellbeing too.

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common psychological disorders that are faced by adolescents today, the dialogue surrounding mental health is often limited because of the social stigma that surrounds this topic to the point that people deem it taboo and rarely speak about it.

If any past experience or traumatic event has crippled your mental wellbeing, it is imperative to seek professional help and not be ashamed if you do so. Remember, it is important to prioritise yourself over others and not feel guilty about it. (Check)


6. Train Your Mind

Just like anything else in this world, in the quest to achieve positive thinking, practice is what makes a person perfect. Therefore, train your mind to think positively and always have the self-belief that things will turn out how you want them to.

It may be difficult in the beginning because for every positive consequence that you wish to witness, there lays the possibility of hundreds of things that could go wrong while you’re trying to give your best shot.

Therefore, failing at first should not derail you from your journey that you were put on bu question how to think more positive and develop a positive mindset in your life.

I can do it, I will do it, I was born to do it – these are the phrases that you must repeat and believe in before any challenge you undertake. Believe that these are not mere words for you and that only you can make them come true. Believe that your hard work will pay off and that you will achieve what you desire in life.

Training your mind could also be made possible through physical relaxation techniques and meditation. Such exercises allow you to focus with a specific goal in mind and work towards the attainment of that goal.

An understanding of your own capabilities and limits can guide you towards your ultimate destination, having a clear vision is just a way to make this journey easier and live the life that you have always wanted to live and make the most of it.


7. Positive Mindset, Or How To Be More Positive Even More?

Psychological health is a subject that often remains ignored in today’s times, while we continue to over work ourselves physically it is possible to forget about the potential of the human brain and the secrets it holds.

By unleashing the power of your brain and finding the ways to be able to use it to your benefit is something that can bring out the best in you.

Just think about it, what sets the greats and legends of this world, apart from the common man?

How come that even with their fair share of failures they were still able to achieve things that some can only dream and think about?

There must have been something that made all the difference. Hard work and persistence aside, they trained their minds to believe that they were capable of achieving whatever they wanted. They were positive that their vision would reach its realisation and this is something that we tend to forget.

By controlling how you witness the world and your own worldview, you can definitely change how you live your life. As time goes by, we tend to become more and more pessimistic and let go of the energy and positivity that we used to hold.

With every passing second that is lost in the abyss of negativity, the ability to find positivity is lost. Therefore, no matter where you stand in life, take a step back and think about the root causes of your failures.

Did you have any pre-conceived notions of failure when you planned to undertake a challenge and with what kind of mind-set did you approach your last battle?

Were you negative from the beginning? If the answer is yes then it is time to train your mind and strive towards developing more positive mindset to take you to new heights of success.

Only you can control where life takes you, it is easy to choose the uncertain way and move along with the flow but in order to make the best out of your abilities, believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and let the positive thinking steer you to victory.

We believe you can use this positive thinking tips to make your life better!

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