Advice on Long Distance Relationships: What Works and What Doesn’t


A long distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea and long distance relationship struggles can make even the toughest people give up on their partners.

A lot of the times when people ask “can long distance relationships work”? The answer is usually a resounding “no”. But that is no reason to give up on a chance at love and happiness.

There are a lot of people that know how to make a long distance relationship work, and they end up together and live happily with each other. These people are normal individuals like everyone else but what they have different from others is their perseverance and patience.

To get a long distance relationship to work out successfully, all you have to do is follow some carefully outlined tips and advice. A few simple and common sense things can make or break your long distance relationship. You shouldn’t have to give up on your love from fear.


Tips on How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Here are some useful long distance relationship tips that can help you and your partner:


Keep a Balance in Communication


A lot of new couples that have just gotten started on their long distance relationship feel like the best possible route to making it work out is to talk to each other as much as possible.

They send each other constant texts and clips throughout the day and there is no pause or break in their communication. But this is a rookie mistake.

You have to remember to keep a balance of communication in long distance relationships, and this means you shouldn’t overdo everything. You may feel like talking to each other all the time non-stop, but you have to remember to keep a healthy amount of distance from each other.

Try to set scheduled timings when you both will be free and available to talk and only talk during those times. Don’t bother each other with messages throughout the day.

By giving each other their necessary space, you will not only be easing the tension in the relationship but you will also be keeping the flavor and spark of the relationship.


Be Honest With Your Partner


Maintaining a long distance relationship can be very difficult but if you are both open and honest with each other, then all the hurdles minimize themselves and things become a lot easier.

You have to let each other know of your likes and dislikes and if you are going to participate in something that your partner dislikes, then you have to be honest with them and let them know beforehand.

If you do things without your partner’s knowledge and behind their back, it will keep piling up in your conscience, until one day it results in a lack of harmony between you two and then the inevitable long distance relationship breakup.

You have to be upfront about each other’s jealousies, insecurities, fears and doubts right from the start. This is the only way to prevent your relationship from being tainted and to keep it preserved.


 Set Up Goals for Your Relationship


The best long distance relationship advice you will ever hear is that of making goals for your relationship together. You have to remember that no long distance relationship can survive on the long distance forever. There has to be a point in time where the two of your come together and settle with each other.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that earlier on in the relationship you both sit down and map out what you both want from the relationship.

Create a list of expectations and goals and ask each other what their hopes and aspirations are regarding the relationship.

You have to create a timeline together that has at least a rough estimate of how much time you will be spending apart and when will you both eventually unit with each other for good.

Also include in the time line your meeting schedules and try to meet up regularly.


Keep a Positive Attitude


All relationships are like living organisms, and long distance relationships are even more sensitive living things than close relationships. They constantly need your care and nourishment, and the best way to provide them that is by constantly upholding a positive attitude and outlook towards your relationship and its struggles.

If you and your partner can maintain a good positive attitude, you can survive even the rockiest roads that you will face in your relationship with ease.


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