Make or Break Yourself – Personal Development Tactics


You know what? You are capable of doing better, in fact greater things. Not only this, you can actually go beyond the expectations and go far when the circumstances are right. And you know it too. Though, there are times when we lose our self esteem, but we need to get up, motivate ourself and move on with life.

Self esteem

Definitely, there are several situations in life which are tougher and more difficult apparently, to deal with. Unfortunately, we cannot change them but how about changing our own attitude towards them? Sounds good, no?

Most of the people are stuck with problems like these and cannot live peacefully. Do you know where exactly the problem lies? Within you, yes, within yourself! All we need to realize is that we require some inner strength, self-discipline and of course qualities for personal development within us. So, let’s take the plunge to exploring the detailed analysis on the personal development.

What exactly is Personal Development?


Before we go into the in-depth analysis of personal development, we need to understand what is personal development in general.

You may have seen several definitions of personal development but to keep it simple and precise, personal development in its truest form is defined as the process in which a person develops their ability and character as well as all aspects of person. Additionally, the process involves certain activities through which the person is able to enhance their skills and tenacities.

Furthermore, personal development is necessary and is considered as a vital part for a person’s growth, success, maturity and fulfillment. Succinctly, personal development of self-development is the base for a better and mature personality, happiness, better relationships and prosperity and success. (Check)

It’s High Time, We Need to Give Attention to Personal Development


Now that you know what exactly personal development is, you may have got an idea that it is directly related to your personal growth. Isn’t it? But how often do schools give importance to this aspect of life? There may be a few, but not all of them focus on this aspect of self-growth ad self-improvement.

Do you know why this is so? It is simply because people know about personal development but they do not really know about its importance. Yes, this is where we lack in.

self confidence

What if you have a boss who is super arrogant who is always is pissed over everything you do, neglecting all your hard work and efforts in your tasks? What would you do about this? Leave the job? Nay!

You know it is a pretty good brand to work with and hence you would have a remarkable impression on you resume if you work here for longer and of course, you also cannot forget the efforts you have made to get into this company.

Now what would you do to get over your angry boss? Well, here you need to be patient, trust and believe in yourself and let things go and do just like your boss wants. This means you need to accept the situation.

Now here you need to realize the significance of personal development, you can only accept the situation with self-help and self-growth, which are two of the main aspects of personal development. Ultimately, when you are able to help and grow yourself, you will seamlessly go along with the situation, not bothering you either.

Coming back to the significance, sadly, our society gives more prominence to professional and academic achievements ignoring personal growth. Also, they do not realize that academic, personal and professional development goes hand-in-hand.

social anxiety

This is why so many people go through a lot of emotional and sensitive struggles in life, lacking the soft-skills that are required to one’s happiness and success. Personal development also ensures about self-depression with the self-improvement ideas.

It is high time and we all need to realize the worth of personal development and stop living lives in such principle-centered way.

Gladly, some of the institutes as well as companies have initiated personal development programs for children and employees, respectively. But we need to ensure about the ones (individuals, institutes, companies) who do not realize its value. (Check)


Let’s closely recognize as to why we need to give attention to personal development.

1. Because It Helps You Understand Better

Have you ever been across situations where you likely make confused choices? Well, I think, most of us do not more often. Do you know why does this happen?

This is simply because we haven’t set any specific goal and aren’t motivated to help understand ourselves better and making the best course of action. Perhaps, most of us underestimate the importance of understanding ourselves.

self confidence

Therefore, you need to be aware of your likings and dis-likings, strengths and weaknesses, observe your reactions, moods and responses. All in all, you need to turn inward and help explore yourself first so that you are able to set things straight in life.


2. Because It Assists You With Your Life Goals

When you are able to understand better, you are eventually directed towards your life goals and purpose, having a clear vision of what you want in life.

Hence, you will be living a productive life all along. Providing you an ideal future, goal setting is a powerful thinking process to turn your vision into reality. Do not hold and limit yourself, dream a bigger picture.

Everything’s possible! After listing goals, you also need to set priorities in order to keep a track over your progress.

social anxiety

3. Because It Ensures About Handling Stress

Now, this is one of the major aspects where personal development comes in. When you are following the personal development plan or self-development plan, you will realize that you are the controller of your life and only you are responsible for it.

This ultimate realization of having your own life in control is the base to the stress management. When you have charge over the strain and stress, you are able to best manage your own emotions, schedule, thoughts and all your problems you are dealing with. Understand that your problems aren’t bigger than you.


4. Because It Teaches Flawless Time Management

Yes, you read that right! Time is one of the chief aspects of life which you can either waste, spend or invest on. It is simple and linked with your life goals. When you know what to achieve, you know where to concentrate and spend your time on.

Self esteem

There may be several distractions in life that can lead you astray, but with concentration, you will never give a thought to them. But then again, the key to make it successful is the motivation and determination. Following the personal growth plans, you will be able to improve your life, making it more fulfilled and productive.


5. Because It Helps You Enjoy a Balanced Lifestyle

A peaceful life without any worries where you could handle your full-time job, maintain your work-out, diet, and social life altogether. What could be better than this? Yes, it is a bliss to have a balanced life like this one.

Yet, this kind of life is also a corner-stone for yourself. Including elements like having psychological stability, expressing creativity, expressing and feeling the divine feeling of love, entertaining harmonious relationships, and acquiring effective coping skills as well as stress management strategies, would give you a meaningful life.

With a proper self-development plan, you will be able to manage your life flawlessly.

The five reasons listed above for personal development significance are surely not all. Yet, they are the fundamental and chief reasons, helping you to grow and achieve your goals and aims in life.

Eager to Learn About the Personal Development Plan? – Here You Go!


Eager to learn more about personal development plan? This section will explore the entire personal development plan in order to successfully achieve your personal development goals.


Brief Idea About the Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan is simply a written plot or process where you an action plan based on awareness, goal-setting, reflection, values and rest of the strategies for self-development in terms of relationship, education, career or self growth or self improvement.

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Be it your professional life, educational life or personal life, personal development plan helps you throughout with simply everything. By developing this plan, you will be able to recognize your own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

Also, it aids you in understanding where you lack in and where you require self-improvement. One of the attractive elements about this planning is that you can come up and build your own personalized strategies and actions, helping you to achieve them. (Check)


Essential Components for Your Personal Development Plan

While there are number of things you can include in your personal development plan, we will be discussing few basic components you need to include in order to achieve your personal development goals.

Step # 1: Clarify the Vision


The first thing you need to work on, is to be clear about where you want to be and what you are planning for.

social anxiety

Once you are clear about this, things would get simpler and more realistic in general. Now that you are devising the development plan, you should know where you are heading to and what you will be doing to achieve it.

Over here, we are talking in terms of length of time which could vary depending on the task and mission you are planning for. Additionally, it is good to make your planning as detailed as possible.

The more the details, the better you will feel and easier it will become for you to hold onto your visions when times are tougher.

Step # 2: Determine the Skills Required for Your Vision


Now that you are pretty much clear about your vision, the next step for your personal development planning is to think about the skills you would require to develop for achieving your vision and goals.

In addition to this, you also need to highlight why they are so essential to achieving your vision. Always remember to be clear when devising your plan. Let’s assume your vision is to go abroad in a French University and you aren’t proficient in French language. Therefore, you need to develop your language skills in this regard.

Not to forget that the skills you are targeting must be directly linked to the purpose, which would be linked to your vision in return. Without the linkage and connection, you will not be able to successfully achieve the target you are aiming for.

Therefore, relationship between both, vision and skills is essential to be kept under consideration in order to be fully aware of your timescale and seamless personal development goals achievement.

Step # 3: Set a Standard


Okay, so now this a bit practical as here you need to ensure about the magnitude of the task. With magnitude, we simply mean that you will be elucidating where you currently stand and where you want to be. Not only this, you will also be mentioning how long would it take as well as the effort it would require you to achieve it. Let’s continue the previous example for this step too.

self confidence

You are planning to develop your language skills and learn French soon. Now there can be two scenarios for this kind of situation either, you have lived in that country for some time and are somehow familiar (a bit, perhaps) with the language or you have are not at all aware of it.

In both the situations, you need to start from scratch, you may either need to join some intensive language center or get registered in an online French language course for quick turnaround.

Step # 4: Prioritize Everything You Do


Of course, you cannot do everything at once, it will definitely take some time, hence gradually you will achieve it. This is why you need to prioritize things. One of the best ways to follow this step is to list down your significant areas for development (if there are multiple) then see which one is most important to you.

Once you have listed down the development areas, you can then rate their importance from a scale of one to five, letting yourself understand how important is it to you and how essential is it to develop in future.

When you are done with this, you will get a clear picture of what you want to achieve and where you need to focus first. All of them may be important to you but some of them are most important while some can be given time.

Step # 5: Come Up With the Potential Sources


When you have prioritized things and areas, you need to dig a bit deeper to make things clearer. Make sure you come up with the sources for the areas you want to achieve. Continuing the first example, if you are planning to enroll yourself in a language center or take an online French language course, you need to identify its potential sources.

You should list down the names of the potential language centers or online French courses websites and make pro-active arrangements.

After completing the five steps, you need to measure your progress and keep a check on it. No matter if they progress is little or more, you need to ensure about it timely.

You should realize that you are moving forward, hence keep date-wise notes of your progress below your devised plan. If you think that something isn’t going well, there you need to make amendments in your plan and define new strategies. Making revisions will simply make things better and sort out for you.

Things You Can In Your Daily Life for Achieving Personal Growth – Personality Development Tips


After knowing about the significance and detailed personal development plan, here are certain things you will find interesting to perform in your daily life for achieving personal growth.

They may be little perspectives, but really matter. Also, these can be considered as self esteem activities or Personality Development tips, since they are up for all those who require self-help depression and boosting up their morale.


1. Ensure to learn from failure stories, they have better learning opportunities.


2. Follow your own way, instead of following crowd.


3. Success will following you once you start chasing your dreams and visions.


4. Help people by volunteering.


5. Always talk about your feelings with one person.


6. Avoid negative self-talk.


7. Ensure to be assertive in everything you do.


8. Always focus on the positive side.


9. Take good care of yourself.


Summing Up

Personal growth and development is simply like a plant. Give it a reasonable amount of water, soil and sunlight, it will surely cultivate into a beautiful and healthy tree. Similarly, focus on your personal development and you will continue to live a remarkable life.

Personality Development is very imprortant aspect of our life so don’t miss out on opportunity to get to know about it!


Best Wishes, HapTips Team!

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