3 Great Ways to Overcoming Negativity – Thinking Positive Just Got Easier


He left me for another girl, my life is finished now, I can’t take it and going to kill myself *Crying*
It happens ONLY with me! Why am I chosen for all the failures and problems? WHY??? *Bangs head on door frame*

She is not a good girl, she has severe ego issues. *Eye roll*

How often have you heard these things or have said them on your own? Perhaps, many times. Be it feeling like taking for granted, feeling like a loser, or being judgemental, all of these are forms of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are simply like a needle in a groove as per a veteran psychologist. Just like the needle has a tougher time getting out as the groove gets deeper and deeper, our negative thinking also gets deeper when we overthink. This can make you more upset, angry and chronically depressed.

When we want to give up these thoughts, we often think about how to get rid of negative thoughts or how to stop negative thinking?

But somewhere deep inside we also think that we may never be able to get over it. Well, that is a myth. You can always get over things as well as overcome this negative mindset.

We’ll make your positive thinking easier helping you out discover how to overcome negative thoughts.


1. Enjoy Shopping

One of the best ways to distract yourself is to go for shopping. All of us have favourite items to shop for. Whether they are clothes, new books, food shopping, or your crockery, you can enjoy spending quality time buying any of these you love.

According to psychiatrists, shopping does help and stops negative thinking. The key is to stay disciplined and motivated to keep yourself away from negative mindset.


2. Stay With Positive People

Yes, you need to be with positive people. To help you learn the core of how to get rid of the negative energy, you first need to ensure about the company you keep. There are chances of not overcoming negativity and those troublesome feelings due to your social circle.

For instance, if your circle has rumination behaviours and often get judgemental about others, then you need to avoid them. If you cannot avoid them perpetually, you can at least be aware of their habits that may be rubbing off on you.


3. Smile

They say, smile is the only curve that sets everything straight. In all honesty, this really works. It helps in changing your mood and relieves stress. Not only this, it will also cheer you up, making you feel lighter as smiling takes fewer muscles as compared to frowning. We know it may be difficult for you, but you need to smile for yourself and those who genuinely love you. Show us your beautiful smile, please? Yeah, there you go!

Now that you know the answer to how to get rid of negative energy, we hope you will go for shopping, stay with positive people and smile livelier!

Best Wishes, HapTips Team!

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